Friday, March 28, 2008

Progress XXVI

I've typed up, and revised, 20% of 3's Company, so that's cracking on. I'll try to get that done by the weekend so it can sit while I work on something else. I really want to get this first phase done as I've got a few other things in the pipeline, but until this is typed up I don't feel I can work on them.

So, clickety clackety.


  1. You go, girl. Glad to see someone is able to accomplish her goals. We made it back safe and sound. Now I have to reorganize my life. Fun, fun.

  2. Glad you made it back ok, although it's a shame we never had a chance to meet up while you were over here.

    Have fun (!) doing the unpacking/ sorting/ tidying etc. and once you've reorganised everything, good luck with the writing. I hope you get to whack Fallen on the head and wheedle it into submission!

    Take care