Friday, March 07, 2008

Progress XX

Not bad, not bad at all. Only 440 words behind what my total to date should be, so as long as I can keep this up, all will be well. (And all manner of things will be well. [apologies to Voltaire])

3's Company
New words: 890
Total words: 22,438
Total pages: 89.752 / 96
Lucy: Feeling very daring
Sam: Feeling put upon
Jared: Voting for the cardigan
Kisses: None, but there's lots of scowling
Random sample of text: Jared threw his hands in the air in the universal sign of defeat, and marched to the door, Lucy on his heels. Sam brought up the rear, a gusty sigh on the back of her neck his sign of displeasure.

Edited to add: Typed up 793 words of 3's Company, editing-as-I-go.

Mood: Productive.

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