Friday, March 07, 2008

Progress XIX

No new words on 3's Company yesterday, although I did get some down for Contraband. Most progress was made on the backstory/ outline for a piece for Cobblestone's Octoberfest call. Four other pieces to be planned, although two of them aren't due until Oct/Dec this year, so I can wait on those two for a bit unless I get a brilliant idea!

New words: 160
Total words: 677
Total pages: 2.708 / 12
Narrator: Seems a bit weird
Shem & Cain: Don't know what's coming
Random sample of text: 'Anyone who gets caught breaking the rules gets two warnings. The third time, though, they get recycled.'

Octoberfest outline/ notes: 1,113 words

Total new words for Thursday: 1,273

Mood: Chipper

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