Saturday, March 15, 2008

Progress XXIV

Not much progress made yesterday - short break so I didn't have much time to get up a head of steam. Came across a bit of a plot problem, but with the help of a brainstorming session with a friend I think I've got it sorted. I'll see how it works out on paper.

3's Company

New words: 463
Total words: 25,207 (max 0f 30k)
Total pages: 100.828 (max of 120)
Lucy: Really getting her mad on
Sam & Jared: Angry for Lucy, waiting to see what she wants to do.
Random sample of text: "Darling Lucy. With us, you spread a lot more than your wings," Sam retaliated.
"Bastard," she said, affectionately. "See if I stroke your tattoo now."

Contraband's paused while I finish 3's Company. I'll go back to it next week. I'm away for three days, but I should have a chance to complete Contraband before I get back, and decide whether I want it in 1st person POV or not. Jury's still out on that one.

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  1. Keep going, Merry! I'm cheering you on. :) And keep warm. :)