Thursday, March 06, 2008

Progress XVIII

No new words yesterday, but I've been typing up the longhand I did for 3's Company. It needs to be done, so that's progress of a sort.

Sven total since Saturday
New words: 2852
Not good, as I'm behind now, but I'll be doing more during my lunchbreak so that will rack things up again. I will also try to do more typing up tonight before Ashes to Ashes.

Mood: Tired. The coffee hasn't started working yet.


  1. Calling by to wish you stamina and continuing productivity for the Sven challenge! :)

  2. Thanks Saskia!
    All boosts gratefully recieved!

  3. Any progress is good progress right? As long as the little tickers keep getting fuller. I think you're doing great.

  4. Thanks for that!
    I didn't do any new words on 'Three's Company" but I did manage to plan the backstory for a short for Cobblestone so I've moved forward there.