Thursday, March 13, 2008

Progress XXIII

Reached the minimum wordcount on 3's Company. It's not finished yet, I need to wrap the story up, bearing in mind that the wordcount will fluctuate anyway as I type it up and edit as I go along. I'm aiming to actually get the storyline finished by the end of the weekend. Then I'll concentrate on the type-up and first draft edit, leave it for a week and then go through it again.

3's Company
New words: 1,087
Total words: 24,744
Total pages: 98.976 / 96 (min.)
Lucy: Angry, now that she's over her shock
Sam: Being strong and, mostly, silent
Jared: Wants to know what the hell is going on
Random sample of text: "Robson basically said that my...being with you - having a threesome - makes me a security risk. I would, apparently, be easy to blackmail," she finished, dryly.

Mood: More productive than yesterday!

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