Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Progress XVII

Rollin'. rollin', rollin'...

Things are going well, progress is being made, although I am slowing down somewhat on 3's Company but hopefully that's a blip rather than a trend, as I'm actually quite close to the end!

3's Company
New words: 977
Total words: 21,548
Total pages: 86.192 / 96
Lucy: Discovers that Sam & Jared can get into her room quicker than she can. Without a key.
Sam: Just getting out of the shower.
Jared: Charming extra towels out of the chambermaid.
Kisses: 1
Random sample of text: "How did you get here before me? I took the elevator. Wait a minute, how did you get in?" She demanded.
"Well, we are security specialists," he said.

New words: 117
Total words: 526
Total pages: 2.104 / 12
Narrator: Leaving the agri-compund for the first time
Shem: Driving the lorry
Cain: Riding shotgun
Checkpoints: 12 - with guns.
Random sample of text: The giant solar panels of Nott'ham glittered in the distance like the silver, multi-faceted eyes of a carniverous insect, waiting to devour us.

Mood: Productive, cherie.
Music: Nothing, but the sound of a fan on high power, pushing back the heat.

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