Monday, March 10, 2008

Progress XXII

Writing is still going well at lunchtimes, although weekends are full of procrastination and excuses for some reason (more time, less motivation?).
I've nearly reached the minimum wordcount for 3's Company (24k) so I will be going over, but that's okay as there will be some additions/ subtractions in the edits. As long as I'm not woefully under or over then I'm not too bothered at this stage.

Contraband is paused temporarily. I've been writing it in 1st pov and I'm not sure it should be. It's not flowing as it should/ could so it may be that I'm (a) writing the wrong story or, (b) that the pov is wrong and throwing the whole thing off. I'm only aiming for a maximum of 3k, so I could write it both ways - but I'm not sure I want to! We'll see. I had originally planned to have a max. of 1k - maybe I should return to that. It may not be working becaue I'm trying to get too much in? ::ponders::

3's Company
New words: 1,214
Total words: 23,652
Total pages: 94.608 / 96
Lucy: Feeling happy, until her boss corners her in the lift
Sam: Haranguing security to get the lift started again
Jared: Swearing at the security camera
Freaky moments: One. Lucy's boss acts scarily out of character
Random sample of text: Lucy crowded back in a corner, unnerved by his reaction and loss of control. The emergency phone had been ringing for some time, the rings shrill in the close confines of the lift. She looked at it with longing, not quite daring to cross into his personal space to answer it.

Mood: Not really a mood, but I'm cold. Chilly hands.

Music: I don't think now is the best time from Pirates of the Caribbean 3


  1. Hi Merry

    Sounds like your writing is proceeding well! Way to go!

    Can I ask you a library question?

    Does it sound odd that a public library would have an old fashioned 'suggestion box'? It's pretty pivotal to the plot, and it is a fairly old school type library ie. lots of older readers who aren't that happy with 'new fangled technology'... It's supposed to supplement the normal request system, for general suggestions re. the library.

    Many, many thanks in advance if you or any of your library colleagues can confirm this.



    portiadacosta 'at' gmail 'dot' com

  2. The e-mail is winging it's way to you now, Portia!

    Have a good evening (it is tempestuous and rainy and daaaaark here.)
    Only another 2 hours and I can finish work!