Friday, February 29, 2008


Many thanks to Portia for the widget on the right, which is doing a countdown to the end of Sven. I know. Sven doesn't officially start for me until tonight at 00:00:01, but what can I say? I'm keen! (And, with it being Friday and me not having to do the Day Job on Saturday (this week anyway) I could actually stay up and get started early!

Or I could go to bed with my cocoa like a little old lady (no offense intended to any little old ladies who regularly stay up until 3am boogie-ing away in nightclubs! I'm referring to the ones who start nodding off over their supper at 8pm) and then I could get up early (cue Merry falling off her chair laughing like a maniac at that).


  1. Raring to go for tomorrow?

    I just realised you are a librarian, Merry. I'm an ex librarian myself. Very ex, as in I haven't worked in libraries since 1980...

    The WIP I'll be editing as my first Sven job has a librarian heroine, so if I come up against something I'm not sure about can I ask you questions about current practice?

    Thanks a zillion!

  2. No problem! My housemate is a public librarian (I'm a uni librarian) so between us we should be able to answer most current practice questions!

  3. That's brilliant! Thanks so much!