Monday, February 11, 2008

Not done...

Well, the short piece I've been working on isn't finished yet. I'm getting there, but real life intruded at the weekend (including sorting out the computer which has been having a fit or three) so the submission I had it planned for is out. However, I can tweak it for another sub so all is not lost.

Aim for 2008 - buy a laptop. Even if it can't connect to the internetz, a laptop that can do wordprocessing would help.

Edited at 14:41 to add: Brought it up just shy of 10K. I will be going over (perhaps closer to the 20K than I thought) and then there will be a major type-up and edit-as-I-go phase. But I'm pleased so far. Not with being incapable of keeping to a self-imposed deadline, but pleased with the fact that I've written so much (and I've written every day at work during my lunchbreak, even if I haven't written at any other place/time).

So I've managed to keep to one of my resolutions about writing regularly. I just need to do it at home as well to get enough words/ pages per day. I've proven to myself that I can do it, so now I need to take it a step further and do it in a more difficult environment.

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