Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Progress XIII

Just shy of 16K. Not doing so well at the moment - real life intruded with a vengeance at the weekend so that was pretty much shot as far as personal time went. But, it's further along than it was. I think the real pain will be typing it up. There are advantages and disadvantages to writing longhand. Perhaps if, when, I get a laptop that will swing it to the side of advantages. We live in hope!
Working late tonight, so I won't be home until 10pm (quick shower, cup of tea and then bed) so I'll try to do what I can during my breaks today and see how I get on.

Just slipped over 17K! Woo! I'm tired and I want my dinner now.

Mood: Great actually!

Listening to: I don't think now is the best time from PotC: At World's End

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