Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Progress VI

Just got over 10K. (Did 4 pages at lunchtime) I will definitely be heading for the 20K mark, though. I've been writing longhand on this one, just for conveniance at work (I can take it to the coffee shop for a start) but I have a horrible feeling that I should have chosen a slightly larger notebook.
I calculated yesterday that I had enough pages left for about 4K, so the final 6K will have to be on some loose sheets of paper, I think. :phhhbbbbt:

I won't be writing this weekend as I'm visitating, but I shall outline some of the other stuff that I've got in the pipeline (and get ready for Sven's kickoff), so it won't be a completely writing-free weekend. But, there will also be a trip to Borders so there will be a chance to get Interzone & Realms of Fantasy magazines. Yay!

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