Friday, February 29, 2008

Progress XV

3's Company is ticking along. The type-up is definitely going to be done during Sven, but I'll be interspersing that with one or two other projects so that I'm not focussed too narrowly on just the one thing.

3's Company
New words: 1,153
Total words: 19,213 / 24,000
Total pages: 76.852 / 96
Lucy: Laughing at Sam's explanation
Sam: Not explaining very well
Jared: Not helping at all
Kisses: None
Random sample of text: "It's weird, I know. And it probably makes us sound like psycho, stalker blokes who won't let you do anything without following you everywhere. But we're not!"

Mood: Tickety-boo!
Music: None. Is all quiet. (Except for the sound of traffic in the distance.)


  1. Hi Merry! I wanted to stop by and say hello and good luck with Sven. And I'm totally swiping that Widget ;) Your WIPs look like awesome reading material.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks Elle! GOod luck to you too. Team Sven is at it again! heh heh heh.