Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Progress IX

Over 13K - yay!

I have noticed, however, that time moves differently when you write. You write for what seems like hours, certain that you've poured out at least a couple of thousand words despite the crossing out. And yet, when you count the words written, they don't total a single thousand. Maybe a bare 2.5 pages have been done. An achievement, certainly. But the impression of one's achievement, gained while actually writing, seemed so much greater than the reality.

Ah, well. Would it be any different (i.e. better/ worse) if I'd been typing rather than working longhand? I shall try it next time (and perhaps by April I will have a laptop. Not quite the laptop of heavanly perfection (LHP) that Chaz Brenchley has, but it will be a nice one if I can get it.)

Anyway, enough about me. How's it going for all out there? Life, the Universe and Everything going ok?

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