Monday, February 04, 2008

Progress II

3.5 pages this lunchtime - that does seem to be the standard for writing longhand 3-3.5 pages per hour. That's not bad. So if I actually sat my backside down for 16 hours and maintained my average, I could have this finished and ready to edit in no time.
Unfortunately, there is the job du jour and also the need for sleep so I won't be able to do it in one go (I will ignore the fact that, if I'd done this at the weekend, I could at the very least have worked for 8 hours - if not more.)

But, there is progress. So. Onwards & upwards.

Edited to add: up to 31% completed! Yay! I love coffee breaks! I'll have to do some more tonight although I will be watching at least one episode of Life on Mars: series 2. (I don't want to watch the episodes out of sequence, but I also can't wait to watch the Camberwick Green episode when Sam is tripping. Classic! (And the sad thing is, I remember Camberwick Green. I used to watch it as a littley. ) :sigh:

BP -

Listening to: Enya - May it Be

Mood: The glow of achievement looms above me!

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