Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haven't fallen off the edge of the world

I'm quickly typing this after breakfast in the hotel and hopefully I'll have a chance to upload it when I get near the university's WiFi network. I am at a conference for the day jobbery (Monday through Wednesday) so there isn't all that much opportunity to get online - especially when the hotel charge £15 (c. US$21.30) per 24hrs for the Internet. I'll wait for the free WiFi, thanks. So if I haven't responded to any messages/ e-mail etc. I *will*, it's just at the moment I have extremely small pockets of time to get online so most things will have to wait until Thursday.

I still have a fairytale to write as well as finishing the last scene of Wish Child, but with any luck I'll be able to do that on the train home on Wednesday as it's more direct. (so I won't have to keep turning off the laptop to dive off the train!)


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flycon - Day 2

flycon2009 got off to a good start yesterday, although I didn't manage to join in until 3pm UK time - I took the afternoon off work but then had to pick up the dogs, have lunch, get laundry on etc. but then managed to sit down at the computer in time for the Panel on The Business of E-Publishing - it was interesting, with some very good comments going round. It was held in the forums on sff.net so should still be up there if people want to go along and see what was said/ add commentary etc. Check the Flycon community for links.

The next Panel I 'went to' was When is Young Adult not really for Young Adults - again, interesting and I'm definitely going to go back to that one to see if any more comments have been made on this topic.

Book Promotions: What works.. was the last one I attended (10pm my time) and what came out of that - to me - is that there are no glaring examples of what works, rather you try different things and build readers up that way. But, offering excerpts of the new work or a free copy of an earlier work are more likely to inspire people to buy what you're offering, because you're showing them why they should (through the quality of your writing.)

This morning, I've just finished attending a Panel on Is the Vampire the new Zombie? And while we didn't really come to a conclusion on that one, we did discuss a little the short-shrift zombies get in comparison to the vampire (with all their sexy, sparkly moodiness that makes them more human) although it was agreed that the idea of a 'sexy' zombie would be a hard sell - what with bits dropping off, the smell, and the whole trying to prevent them from eating your brains. But it was good, and interesting, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Panels / chats I want to go to.

But now...Laundry! Yes. My life is that exciting. I may even get to hang it on the line today. \0/

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Progress (& convention)

Another 947 words on Wish Child, which brings it up to 5,454 and we're on the downward slide to the finale. One and a half scenes to go and the first draft will be done! Joy joy feelings!

Also, I plan to 'attend' the LiveJournal online convention FlyCon - take a look at the schedule; there's a fantastic range of panels to choose from (although I may have to cry off some of the early morning ones -- even though they look really good, I'm past the age where I can stay up till 4am, go to bed and then get up at 6:30am and actually be coherent.)

So...Wish Child

Now, off to swimming!