Thursday, December 13, 2007


Short story is done and shipped off (oh, the woes of not being allowed to send it by e-mail!)

Next up is to get back to Kieran's Kiss, and start work on the twisted version of Rapunzel I've been thinking of - caffeine deprivation causes strange thoughts to trickle through one's brain-pan.

Still haven't completed the trauma of Christmas shopping for everyone (more money!) and the car has to go in for a service, which means that for at least six months into the new year there will have to be some serious retrenchment (but no decamping to Bath unfortunately, as one will still have to work.

We have frosty weather, but no snow. However, I am going even further into the frozen north tomorrow so it may be a different story there.

Friday, December 07, 2007

18 Sleeps to Go...

18 Sleeps to Christmas!

Have I pur-chased all of the required cadeaux? No. I've still got some quilting to fit in for other people as well (which were going to be my money-saving presents, except that I'd forgotten about them so instead of having three months to do the accent quilting and turn various panels into wall hangings, I now have 2 weeks!)

Staff do tonight, so shiny new shoes will hopefully be worn (if the rain holds off - they're satin, so I don't want them to stain if it can be avoided)

London in 11 days! Yay! Visit some art galleries and museums, have a bit of a chill before the holidays begin in earnest.

Have just finished reading Dancing With Werewolves by carole Nelson Douglas - very interesting take on vamps & werewolves; a good addition to the paranormal stable; so I shall be reading her again. Also finished Lara Adrian's third Breed book Midnight Awakening - loved it. The only annoying thing is that the fourth one is not out until March next year. :pooh: