Saturday, February 28, 2009

Technology...we loves it.

What is it about 2009?
My DVD player croaked. Then my video decided it didn't want to work anymore. Then, my housemate's stereo and PC gave up the ghost as well, so I've spent today getting a new PC and installing software etc. in between doing the washing-up, making dinner and feeding the Pack.

Touch wood, everything seems to be working okay - but honestly, it's like all the tech has been cursed to give up at the same time! Hopefully, that's it for tech trauma this year!

It's 1 minute away, so Happy St. David's Day!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

[writing] Progress

Wish Child
Previous count - 1961 words
New count - 4507
New words - 2546
Woo! Except, I was aiming for around 3K - the story isn't finished yet and I'm already 1.5K over my planned limit.
Does this happen to other people? Do you aim for a story of a certain length, go over and then cut? Or do you manage to stick pretty much to the word count you set yourself? I must admit, I didn't plan this story out - no outline at all - but even with an outline I'm prone to exceeding my self-imposed word limit. ::blows raspberry at self::
Ah, well. Time for a bath and then the joy that is...Iron Man! yay!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Proof of snow! This is what it looked like last week when it first started on the Sunday / Monday.

The Back Garden 4

And this is how we keep warm. Open fire heats a back-boiler which sends lovely hot water to the (4) radiators we have in the house. (With varying degrees of success - with only one radiator downstairs it will always be cold in winter.) Ug! Bonfire!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got a good start on the dark fantasy / horror short 'The Wish Child'

I'll hopefully be able to get some more written (and maybe typed up) tonight as I'm not working late this evening. Yay!

Listening to: Wish you were here by Pink Floyd
Mood: Chipperly productive, dahlinks!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

First draft done! (Finally!!)

First draft of Sokoll's Hawks is done, coming in at 13,212 words (as opposed to the 6,000 I was originally aiming for). So that's off to sit in a drawer while I:
~ plan another short
~ take 3's Company out of the drawer for revisions
~ look over Model of Perfection ready to continue with chapter 4

I worked from home today due to excessive ice on the road outside and had a very productive day there, and now I've had a productive evening too! All iz joyful.