Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hmmm...been a little while since I posted

I have to admit - I haven't written very much in the last week. I've been at a conference and then was visiting family, and all conspired to leave me completely knackered, desiring only to sleep for as much as possible!

Ah well, I have plans for the weekend! I want to write another chapter of my YA novel, and I also want to do some worldbuilding for my paranormal.

If I get the chance, I also want to start re-planning an earlier paranormal that I stalled on. I think I need to take it right back to the beginning to try and figure out what went wrong and why and see if I can fix it now. If not, I'll put it on the back-burner (again) and look at it again later. It may just be that it's not ready to be written yet.

****Romance Divas are having an Agent Chat tonight - 19:00hrs EST (00:00hrsGMT) where agent Jenny Bent of Trident Media will be available for questions! Click on the Divas icon to get to the site - you'll need to register if you want to chat.