Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Progress XXXI

Good, but also not good.

Good: have typed up over 12K of 3's Company. Based on the original first draft total I'm 49% in, so only 51% to go, right? Wrong!

Bad: I've added just over 5K of new words so far, which means I'm not 49% through the hand-written version. On the 5K alone I'm over the 30K maximum and I imagine I'll be adding more new words as I'm editing as I go. There will be cuts, my pretties, oh yes!

Also, yesterday (when I should have been writing, gorammit) I caught up on all of the feeds (and oh, God do I mean all) in my feed-reader and ended up looking at editorrent's Redlines articles (go to the site, scroll down to labels and click on the redlines link). There is some good stuff there and in the other articles, on things to look out for in your writing and so on.

However, what I should have done was saved the entries and then looked at them after the type-up, during second edits. Why? Because I found that immediately after having read some of the more pertinent posts (pertinent to my own writing) I began to self-correct what I was transcribing/ editing. Not a bad thing necessarily, but I do need to get this transcribed onto screen (which will make editing easier) so speed is important in the first instance.

The articles are very good and interesting though--as are the comments--and I'd recommend people have a look at least!

News: I have bought a book on punctuation. Why? I have 'comma diarrhea' ::mopes:: 'S true. And embarrassing.

Mood: Full. Nice sarnie. Nom nom nom

Music: Snow White Queen - Evanescence


  1. What, are you trying to get me back for hooking you on a few more feeds? I just clicked on the SUBSCRIBE button to that one LOL What a great site! I love that there are wonderful people out there who want to help...and for free!

    I love grammar books. I think my favorite is Getting the Words Right :) We should be happy we're good grammarians, right?

    And as Stephen King says, don't be afraid to kill your darlings! I'm sending you good mojo for the Delete key fest.

  2. Hahahahaha! Add feed. Add feed.

    I have a copy of the Transitive Vampire. I love the examples in this and, surprise suprise, it was recommended on someone's blog. (What did I do before the interwebs?)

    Delete is your friend, not foe. Yes indeedy. I must not fall into the trap of thinking that that sentence is a wonderful piece of deathless prose and simply must stay. Into the wilderness with you!

    I know exactly what you mean on the feed sites. I did actually manage to get it down to a manageable level once and then people started recommending things, or someone said something relevant and before I knew it - it was HUGE! ::sigh:: I know I ought to apply the delete key there as well but, I just can't.
    ::wibble_over:: ::resume_normal_daily_service::

  3. I have issues with sentence fragments, but I'm putting it down to voice and pacing. :) I don't subscribe I actually go link to link to link. I'm old fashioned. Glad you are making progress.

  4. I used to go link to link, but then I'd get frustrated when a page/ blog etc, hadn't been updated. At least with the feed reader I can see at a glance what's been updated or not.
    The downside is that if I don't check them every day, it doesn't take long before they build up to an insane level! Unfortunately, I don't usually go online at the weekend so Monday mornings are usually quite busy before work. ::mopes::