Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Madness! Madness!

Well, yesterday at work was hectic from start to finish. We're running surveys of our web pages/ tutorials and potential induction videos and I hit the ground running and didn't grind to a halt until I got home. We had three laptops running three different surveys simultaneously - one of the laptops was very slow. We got a replacement and couldn't log in, so had to wait for the laptop's main user to come and log in (our system is migrating so the network has a dicky fit every now and again); then, we could only run one survey per machine so I had to run back to the office and alter the survey settings so that multiple surveys could be submitted from the same laptop. This brought me to 11:45 am!
For the rest of the day, nothing went wrong but there was more running around.

I am very tired today and in about 25 minutes I'm giong to have to do it all over again (although hopefully without anything actually going wrong!)

Update on Alt.Fiction to follow when I've got another moment.

Mood: Tired
Music: The show must go on - Freddie Mercury

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