Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay. I've booked to go to Alt.Fiction in Derby on Saturday. The schedule looks interesting, in fact the whole experience should be interesting because I've never gone to anything like this before, for any genre. Hmm. Perhaps I shouldn't have admitted that out loud?

The only question is, do I drive and park in the secure car park which is expensive but very secure or, do I go by train-which is ok in the going, but in the coming back may be intermittent as regards stopping at my station and will then involve either (a) it costs how much to get a taxi to my house? or, (b) please come and pick me up. pleeeeese or, (c) it costs how much to park at the station and then retrieve my car? ::choices, choices::


  1. I'd take my car, by the time you pay for the train and the car park next to the train, it may end up costing the same. That and you have your car available at any point you want to leave and don't have to wait for the train. :)

  2. True, that way if I decide it's really not for me then I can bag off!