Monday, April 14, 2008

Progress XXIX

Type-up on 3's Company has begun again! Joy to the world and peas on earth. ::big_grin::

Wrote some more on Contraband at the weekend, but haven't totted it up yet as it was longhand.

Saw some absolutely gorgeous 'on the move' laptops on Saturday. One was a Dell and the other an Acer - both have Vista, which is a downer, but you can apparently put XP on top and just select it from the BIOS as your operating system of choice. The problem with that, is that you can't get rid of Vista, so it will still take up 10GB on your hard drive - doing nothing. And then XP is about another 5GB - so, big hard disk. Also, apparently, there may be a new OS in a year or so anyway. Do we stay or do we go? ::ponders::

Progress good.
Temp: 19 degrees C (brrrr)
Music: At Wit's End - PotC3


  1. Ahoy, ye swashbucklin' writer-babe! I LOVE the PoTC3 soundtrack so much :)

    Way to go getting back on track with 3's Company again. And yes, I'm definitely feeling the peas right now...

    I have Vista on my laptop and so does my husband. I thought it would be awful but I am in love with it. Definitely scrap the XP option, you'll be happy you did. Vista's so much cleaner, prettier, and functional than XP. I'd heard about another OS coming up on the horizon, too. I've read that laptops have an operating life of about 2-3 years, so we'll just have to see how much better the new OS is, and how expensive the upgrade will be. Another selling point for me was that I have MS Office 2007, which constantly crashed on XP--losing documents absolutely sucks, let me tell you!

    Good luck :D

  2. Ah? That's good to know.
    I work in a university and a lot of our webpages still aren't compatible with Vista as-is, so we haveto get students to jigger their internet options to see everything at the moment.
    How did you cope with the service pack 1 upgrade? My father read that some people couldn't get onto their PCs/ laptops at all after they'd applied it.
    Maybe when the service pack 2 upgrade comes out I'll go for it (I should have enough saved up for a decent, long-ish life laptop by then) Hopefully they'll release it on or around Christmas so I can end my green-eyed laptop envy. ::sulks::

  3. My upgrade went really well. My internet was deathy slow at first, but I just rebooted and all was well. In fact, I think it's a tad bit faster now. I have heard mixed reviews, both from people who are happy, and those whose systems slowed down. The nice thing is, you don't even have to do the upgrade, you can just keep the original Vista on your machine until MS comes out with something that works better. I was sure to create a restore point on my machine before I installed the upgrade, just in case it all went to hell in a handbasket :)

    And definitely put as much into the machine as you can. My hubs and I both bought Toshibas that aren't exactly on the lowest end, but they're somewhere between mid-low end. We don't do gaming or anything like that, so they're perfect for what we need. However, I do wish I'd spent just a tad bit more to get a higher end model (but I suffer from major gadget envy, too LOL). I was totally suffering from green-eyed laptop envy for months before I got mine!