Friday, July 18, 2008

The weekend's nearly here...

Plans for the weekend:

Working tomorrow until around 2-ish, so I should get home at about 3 o'clock, maybe a bit earlier (note to self: remember to take sandwiches).

Once I'm home I've got a number of things to do:
  • Get my teeth into the write-up of Model of Perfection (* & **)
  • Delve into the bottom-most collapsible crate in my bedroom to rescue the fantasy/ dark fantasy books that have been languishing there for the past year and move them onto my re-organised bookcases
  • Hoover / laundry
  • Visit chums - may have to playstation on Saturday rather than tonight, as I'm working tomorrow. Can't turn up to work all sparkly if you didn't go to bed until 03:00hrs!
  • Visit the Mater
*I've estimated 7 chapters and I've outlined up to chapter five, scene three. I'm hoping that the ending will come to me as I approach it. I've estimated I need a minimum of 1333 w.p.d. to get it done and leave me with enough time to revise and edit. The outline is quite detailed (in some cases down to specific bits of dialogue / action I want, so this will (should!) aid the smoothness. If I've done it right.

** The title's a bit trite, but I couldn't think of one I really liked and didn't want to work on Short ER WIP # 'x' so I can use this one as a filler and hopefully come up with a better one around the same time I find out what the ending is.

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