Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Progress XXXV

Okay - quick update before I head off for a sandwich and then the contact lens optician...

I'm halfway through the outline for the historical novella - can't think of a blerrie title at the moment, hopefully inspiration will strike before rather than after I need it! Outline's going well, I just need some info on 17thC English clothes (layers/ strings vs hooks & eyes etc.) Not too much detail needed, but some.

I've also let 3's Company sit for a couple of weeks, so I shall start editing that shortly as well. I'll be editing it on paper to begin with and uploading the corrections afterwards. Then, I may flesh out one or two other areas as well.

In the pipeline:
4 more outlines - for novellas
1 outline - for a short story

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  1. Marquesate would be a good source of info on 17th century clothes. Good luck with the title - I find it almost impossible to write a story without one!