Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slow progress over the weekend...

I was visiting my father and I had some kind of bug that's been going round, but, back in the saddle now, so hopefully I can bring it back up again from today!

Chimney's been mended, but apparently we need a completely new one (and the roofer thinks, looking up and down our street, that most of the houses need new chimneys and roofs as we've all still got the originals - which are now over 100 years old and look it, what with bits falling off etc.!) So that's a joy for our landlord to deal with!

Half term this week, so not too many students around (also meant the drive to work was gloriously quiet)

Sad note: England lost the Rugby. Sigh


  1. Hope things are looking up.

  2. I managed to do half the outline for chapter 10 and I've got an idea of the number of scenes I need (although, I'm giong to have to have a look at some of the novellas on my shelves to see how many scenes/ chapters they have - just to make sure!)

    I'm not working or away this weekend, and although I have some domestic stuff to do, I should have plenty of time to get bum in chair/ hands on keyboard etc.

    How's it going your end? Forward Motion?