Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jobs (half) done!

Okay - it's 13:10hrs - the stew has been in the slow cooker for about an hour and 10 minutes; the computer table has been tidied (and dusted - oh. my. goodness.) and the washing up has been done too!

I am putting of the IKEA visit until tomorrow, as I've got a few things to do while the house is quiet and I've got it to myself (housemate is working today)

Unfortunately, there is no cake to go with this amazing sense of well-being, but one can't have everything. ;oD

Music: none - for some reason if you try to listen to music on the pc and go on the internet at the same time, the music wobbles as if the batteries are running down. Most bizarre.

Mood: Upbeat - I am steadfastly ignoring the rest of the house which also needs the domestic touch of Thor.

1 comment:

  1. It's nice to have at least a room or two clean. Stew sounds good. Hope you're getting some writing/plotting done.