Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Writing compared to making love...

Robert Gregory Browne from Murderati wrote a post on the 18th April about Reaching the Climax and how writing can fit into the pattern of Seduction, Foreplay and Climax. It's an interesting piece, and the comments add to that by highlighting some of the potential differences between male and female readers and what they want out of a novel i.e. more inclined to go for the 'relationship' rather than requiring a mind-blowing climax to every novel. (More forgiving of performance issues perhaps? lol)

Let's talk about sex. Those of you who are uncomfortable with the subject, feel free to bail out now -- I'm likely to get pretty raunchy.

Still with me? I thought so.

When we make love, most of us have a particular goal in mind: that moment when our entire body seems to stem from one central point, every nerve-ending tingling wildly as fireworks assault our brain.

That moment, of course, is orgasm, and anyone who has experienced one (or two or three) -- especially with a willing and enthusiastic partner (or two or three) -- knows that it can be an exquisitely pleasurable sensation.

But are all orgasms created equal?

Of course not. The quality of our orgasms is directly related to the quality of the fun and games that precede them, not to mention our emotional bond with our partner, and our willingness (or unwillingness) to surrender ourselves fully to the moment.

So what, you're probably wondering, does any of this have to do with writing?

Check out the links for the full post and thanks to Alison Kent for posting about it.

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