Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm baaaack!

And it's Monday. phhhhht!

Ah well, can't have everything. Managed to get a good start on a 'hungry trees' story (I seem to have issues with murderous trees at the moment - I'd better cut down on the cider and try something else!) I'm wavering on the voice of the narrator so that will need to be tidied in edits as sometimes he comes across as a normal 17-year old and sometimes as if he's swallowed a dictionary!

Sun is shining, I'm indoors wanting to be outdoors, but, nose to the grindstone and off to do more work.

Temp in office: 24.3˚C (and we can't open the windows!)

On Nano: None, I'm boring today.

Mood: Okaaaay.


  1. Hungry trees? You must be barking!

    Sorry, couldn't resist...:D

  2. LOL! No one believes me when I say trees can behave in a suspicious manner, but I've lived in the country too long to be blasé about it! (Or maybe I've just lived in the country too long! ;o) )

  3. Hey, I did a story about a murderous tree too. Snap!!! Great minds think alike (and any comment about fools will not be tolerated...) :D