Monday, April 02, 2007


Had a rejection from Mslexia about my flash piece 'Car Park' so I shall have to check out some other markets to submit it to, as well as work up a couple of new pieces and submit them around.

In other news: I've got Broadband - sort of. Had to get a wireless adaptor because the phone line and computer are in two completely different rooms and the ethernet cable's too short. The BT setup won't recognise the adaptor so we're supposed to set up a wired connection first and then go to wireless once that's done (although obviously the problem with the wires means we can't do this).

However. The (Belkin) wireless adaptor found the Broadband Hub no problem and connected to the Internet. So we are and we aren't connected if that makes sense? Or we are and we shouldn't be? Perhaps we need a little man to come out and have a look to make sure we haven't mucked something up.

Ain't technology grand?

On the Nano: Every little thing counts by Janus Stark

Mood: (Temporarily) confused by tech


  1. Ah Merry, Belkin. I got broadband and a Belkin adaptor. After wrestling with it for hours, I gave up and phoned support. In Bangalore. The IT man was scarcely better than me, and I spent about four hours on the phone, until I was almost crying with frustration.

    The outcome seems to be that you shouldn't use the Belkin software, but just install the adaptor and let Windows configure it. I did this for both of my laptops, and there was no problem at all.

    But this one needs to be unistalled completely and reinstalled, because it cuts out every day. I'm just not brave enough to do it at the moment.

  2. We also had to phone the help desk and got a techie with a less than manageable command of English. I think we both finished the conversation more confused than before!

  3. Sorry to hear you got rejected too, Merry - the magazine doesn't know what it's missing. Better luck with the next one. :)

  4. I love the we have Broadband, 'sort of'. Don't feel so bad. You're not alone. I got this little magical box that the instructions assured me were so easy to install. We had to give in and phone the helpline as well, and the method they used was nothing like the instructions. I think they do it on purpose to get you to ring these premium rate numbers. Conspiracy theory anyone?

    And hey, you'll get there. You submitted to a very difficult to break-into market that is inundated with submissions. You just need the right niche for you!

  5. Thanks guys!
    On the plus side - it's a rejection, which means I got off my backside and submitted something so, rough with the smooth!