Monday, May 11, 2009

New, Genre Creative Writing MA

Edinburgh Napier University has launched the UK's first genre-based Creative Writing MA which could change the landscape of creative writing in Scotland.

This is via the literaturetraining newsletter - more details on their website here; information on the part-time degree here, and the full-time degree here.

NB: I do not work at Napier University, have never worked there, and I'm not endorsing the course (never having been on it). I just thought it was interesting that someone was providing a course specific to genre fiction - although they seem to have left off a couple of genres as historical fiction, westerns, and romance aren't mentioned (although perhaps that's due to a lack of tutors/ perceived lack of interest from potential students - who knows?)


  1. You're right. I've seen plenty of creative writing courses for generic/literary fiction, and I've seen writing *workshops* for genre. But never a full-scale MA in genre writing. Good luck to them, perhaps it'll help unblock some of the stodgy misconceptions about genre writing!

  2. Yes although, with the government's reduction in Uni allocations, one hopes that not too many students will be turned away.
    Sunday Telegraph