Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Joy, joy feelings...

First draft of Wish Child has been completed and comes in at 9,316 words so I'm pleased with that. I'm away at a Spa tomorrow - sort of a birthday present to myself for Monday - and then I'm down to Bath for jollification on Thursday so while I'm there (in between sight-seeing and eating) I can revise Wish Child in the evenings in the Youth Hostel. Ah, the glamour!

Next up
-- More research for the Georgian novel
-- More worldbuilding for the paranormal YA novel
-- Revising Sokoll's Hawks
-- Fairy tale re-telling of Beauty & the Beast (or Rapunzel - haven't quite decided)

On the (immediate) TBR pile
  • Deader Still by Anton Strout ([info]antonstrout ) (this one is actually on my desk at work, staring accusingly at me because the bookmark is still stuck in the back where I put it on Sunday afternoon - my excuse reason for that is that I'm really tired and looking forward to a few days off work)
  • The Immortal Hunter by Lynsay Sands
  • Georgian London by John Summerson
  • The Cipher by Diana Pharoah Francis ([info]difrancis ) (a re-read in preparation for The Black Ship)

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  1. Have a lovely birthday-weekend, and well done for finishing that first draft!