Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bath Pic Spam

So, a bit late but, I was in Bath last week for a bit of a jolly and took some photos of interesting sculptures that were placed around the Abbey. I also took some of the buildings as a visual research guide for the Georgian WiP.

The Big Bull and the Big Hare were right next to each other on plinths.

The Hares and Dogs were outside the Pump Room (which does nice, but expensive, afternoon tea)

All in all I had a nice time despite being ill, and it was nice to visit the town again.

A few other pictures can be seen here.

Edited to add: Sculptures are by Sophie Ryder.


  1. Gorgeous pics, Merry - I'm deeply jealous that you managed to take so many with so little *traffic* in them, given how screamingly busy Bath is these days. :)

  2. I know! Everyone was being extremely polite over picture taking - each letting the other have their turn/ walking behind them to avoid being *unknown woman 1* in the photo.
    Good stuff!