Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick lunch...

Back at work - oh, my God, what a morning. Haven't stopped since I got in. Just stopped for some pasta now (rigatoni with Sainsbury's chopped tomatoes with oregano - comes in a carton - v. nice) and then I've got two more meetings this afternoon as well as having to work on a worksheet for some students that I won't be seeing, so it'll have to be fairly comprehensive.

And I'm behind on NaNo :o(

Dog Whisperer came on Saturday, basically, the dogs aren't confident in us being the alphas so they're doing the job; so now we have to convince them that we are it. Going ok so far - they've thrown a few paddys. BB is the best, because he's the youngest I think so is more amenable to change. The girls are being cows at the moment - hopefully this will improve. Soon.

Anyway, more work on NaNo to do (while trying to avoid surfing the interweb - the perils of broadband!)

How are y'all doing? How's Sven going for those who NaNo not?


  1. Wouldn't you feel lost without your broadband though? As annoying as it is eventually you've seen all you can and then you can start cracking on your work. I think it's common to fall behind after a weekend. As long as you keep plowing forward you should be able to get caught up. I have 665 words more to get in today to get equal to the 8,333 words I need to end today at. Good luck!

  2. Great going Amanda! Sounds like you're cracking on with Fallen. I think the key is to be quite strict about 'avoidable' distractions and say to oneself 'no, I really don't need to do that/ look at that/ read that now. That can be my treat when I'm done for the day.' (Now I just have to be firm about putting it into practice!)