Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I am looking forward to the Bank Holiday weekend - 3 1/2 days and counting! I need more bookshelves so furniture will have to be moved round to make way.

I'm tired at the moment, because I'm still recovering from Sunday night (or rather, Monday morning). A lady lives across the road from me, and she has a habit of locking her man out so it's not overly unusual for me to be wakened (or kept awake) by him wailing her name, swearing, and demanding to be let in while pounding on the front door/ back door/ windows. Sometimes, I get to hear the police asking her to open the door. Sunday night/ Monday morning I was kept awake until c. 02:30hrs and the police came twice. It could have been worse - she didn't actually say anything this time, normally she screeches back like a fishwife.
Unfortunately, the yelling made B.B. want to bark so I had to keep telling him to be quiet (especially now that we have neighbours on both sides).

So, now I'm tired. Hopefully I'll have caught up by Wednesday as I have a half day and visitations to make and I want to work more on my short.

Computer Update

I have discovered why the pc is sooooooooo sloooooooow.

Apparently, it only has 256MB of RAM. My father was amazed that the damn thing actually got as far as allowing itself to be turned on, let alone ran programs. It is a miracle of hardware. (Thank you Compaq - you are obviously gods among computer manufacturers!)

So that will have to be taken care of soon. Yay, more jobs.

Temp in office: 22.7˚ (still no window control)

On Nano: Spaceman by Babylon Zoo

Mood: Tired, hungry (it's nearly lunchtime and breakfast wore off hours ago)

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