Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tired, precioussss.

So. Glorious, relaxing Bank Holiday + 2 days?

Well, initially.

The BH itself went well. It was the two extra days I took that completely left my control. Pseudo-nephew no.2 was ill and I was recruited to hold the fort while p-n no.1 was collected from school. Then I helped out round the house and got home late.

Following day, same pattern (but I started earlier) although I did manage to read half a book and do another page of my short.

My respect for those who run their lives round children has increased. Hats off to you ladies & gents!

My state of knackeredness was not improved by BB - who decided that he wanted to go outside 4 times on Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday (I'm dreading tonight - but it's not as if I can ignore him - I'm the one who has to clean the carpet if I do, so getting up is the lesser evil (but eeeevil it is - the only time you should be up at 04:40hrs is if you've stayed up (to read/ write or party), you're going on holiday or you've got a hot date. Toilet duty - no.))

Le sigh.

I will try to post during the weeks that follow (weekends will be out as I'm away and Internet access is unlikely)

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