Friday, March 02, 2007


Okay! I've tidied up the sidebars a bit and added in a few more blogs etc. that I visit (I haven't put the blogroll from Bloglines on there because that would be insane - I really need to pare them down a bit!)

It's Friday!!! Yay!

I want to work on my flash piece (150 words) and also a short story (3,000 words) this weekend - get them written up and then into editing. Then I will start up with the bears again - I haven't been ignoring them but other stuff came up that I needed to get submitted so... back again.

I read, on Wednesday, Linnea Sinclair's new novel Games of Command and it is fantastic. The characterisations of Kel-Paten and Sass were great, but I have to say that Kel-Paten stole the show as he struggled with his burgeoning emotions for Captain Tasha Sebastian; emotions that, as a cyborg, he shouldn't have. I really felt my heart clench when he thought he'd lost everything and this is certainly going to be a favoured re-read along with Gabriel's Ghost, An Accidental Goddess and Finder's Keepers. Secondary characters were interesting, and the furzels were great. For a review that's more articulate than one from me try here. But basically: Go, read, enjoy.

Want to learn more about Linnea and her books (yes, you do!) go to her website here - she's very kindly put some free short stories up for people to look at as well.

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