Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Books I've read...

I will be updating this area (and the blogs area too) when I have a moment. I've got a lot on at work catching up after knackering my back, and I haven't been reading much new material lately (buying - yes; reading - no!).

Instead I've been re-reading some of my comfort reads. You know the ones - you don't have to concentrate too hard and they leave you feeling as if you've had a great big hug, you're wrapped in a warm blanket and you've just drunk a huge mug of hot chocolate (that didn't make you feel sick) all at once. Which would probably be really messy if you did it all at once in real-life but as this is just a metaphor* it's ok. No spilt hot chocolate or first degree burns.

*Who knew that there were so many elements to the metaphor - we won't go into when I last did grammar but I'm sure we didn't cover all of these then.

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