Tuesday, December 01, 2009

1st of December

Mood: Cheerful, but full of cold
On the iPod: The Death of Bardolph: Henry V - Simon Rattle
Temp: 18.9 deg C

December is here, the start of winter, and to get it off to a good start we had the first hard frost of the season this morning which meant that I froze my hands scraping the car windows.
It was dark when I set off to work but as the sun rose and turned the sky pink, the frosty ground looked gorgeous. I wish I'd stopped at the side of the road and taken a picture of it; it was glorious.
What wasn't glorious was the black ice that I'd forgotten would be on the rat-run to the motorway. Hairpin bends on a steep hill past farmers' fields where there's runoff onto the road. Luckily, because I usually forget not to go on that road in winter at least once a year, I've become accustomed to steering off ice. Also, there was no-one coming the other way which was a bonus. Unless it rains I'll be going the long way until March.

With it being December the first I have the joy of a carol service at work today (as in, I will be singing in it) which will be nice. Rehearsal at lunchtime and then the service at 17:00hrs GMT. Hopefully we'll be singing all the jolly carols rather than weepy ones. Normally I miss the service because it's always on a Tuesday and I work 'til 21:00hrs then, but this year I swapped, so we shall see how it goes.

NaNo Update: did I win? No. Did I progress? Yes, absolutely. I've added two characters I hadn't planned on in the initial outline and I think I've managed to push them into the shadows a bit for this story. They're there, but they won't elbow their way to the front as they were starting to for a minute. Hakon and Snorri will just have to wait for a different story to take their spot in the limelight.

Current word count: 71,871
Chapter: Midway through chapter 19


  1. Yikes! on the black ice - that stuff is lethal. :(

    Hope you enjoy the carols. Dec. 1st seems kind of early for carol services - is it *really* that close to Christmas already? LOL

  2. I know! I can't believe that we're having it this week, but I suppose the uni will break for the hols soon-ish so they want to make sure the maximun number of people can attend.

    At the start of *last* week, when I was driving home, the small towns/ villages I drove through had their Christmas lights up (and on) already. Bit previous, I thought.