Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haven't fallen off the edge of the world

I'm quickly typing this after breakfast in the hotel and hopefully I'll have a chance to upload it when I get near the university's WiFi network. I am at a conference for the day jobbery (Monday through Wednesday) so there isn't all that much opportunity to get online - especially when the hotel charge £15 (c. US$21.30) per 24hrs for the Internet. I'll wait for the free WiFi, thanks. So if I haven't responded to any messages/ e-mail etc. I *will*, it's just at the moment I have extremely small pockets of time to get online so most things will have to wait until Thursday.

I still have a fairytale to write as well as finishing the last scene of Wish Child, but with any luck I'll be able to do that on the train home on Wednesday as it's more direct. (so I won't have to keep turning off the laptop to dive off the train!)



  1. Sadly that rate seems quite common for hotels - I've even seen them charge several pounds *an hour*!!!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the conference.

  2. Thank you!
    Re: the cost - it's awful, isn't it? And the annoying thing is that I don't think it's for 24 hours of *usage* so it would be a waste of money unless the conference was in the hotel.