Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goals for 2009

I've done a new plan for 2009, looking at the goals I want to achieve, so:

Complete Model of Perfection & revise (novel)
Edit & revise 3's Company (novella)
Complete Kieran's Kiss (novella) *
Do Sokoll's Hawks (short story)
Do Phelan's Fate (novella)**
Do Rapunze (short story)
Do Stranger at the Door (short story)

* & ** - it may be that these two can be blended into one novel, rather than two novellas with Kieran's story being at the forefront. I'll have to see when I re-outline K'sK and outline P'sF

And, as a new endeavour goal, I want to work on haiku and see what I can produce.

2009 got off to a good start with 3,301/ 6,000 words on Sokoll's Hawks done. If tomorrow goes well I may be able to complete it before I go back to work.

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