Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Progress XXXVI

Total words: 3520
New words yesterday: 437
Ashe: Is confused & angry
Konstantin: Is frustrated & angry
Weather: Snowing

This isn't flowing as well as the last one. Normally in a lunch break I can crank out 1K longhand with little to no problems but, as you can see, I barely got over 400 words before running out of steam. I'm going to keep going rather than go back and try to fix whatever it is that's not working, but I think that in the revision(s) there will be a lot of rewriting to do, to correct whatever it is that's gone tits up.
But, I do like the characters of Ashe and Konstantin so that's something. I just need to get their dynamic right - I think that's where the brain tickle is coming from. ::mopes::
Once that’s sorted – and it may take me another couple of thousand words or so, I can go back and rewrite it with the dynamic in mind; but at the moment it seems I need to write it badly in order to get it right.

Anyway, it's all practice and so never wasted.

Listening to: A builder's radio somewhere else in the building
Mood: Tired. Few more hours to go before I can go home.


  1. Sounds like things are progressing over there. Are you doing NaNo again?

  2. Yes, I am. Although I may not be able to upload anything to the word count engine as I'll be in the Wilds of Wales for the last week of November. (Not camping this time, though. I'm being sensible and staying in a nice farmhouse!)
    How about you? Are you going to NaNo this year?

  3. Yes, I have to decide what to work on for it. I may have to double up.