Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hey, I can see the weekend from here!

Well, I am back at work after a week off...and it isn't raining! I had to stay at work an extra half hour yesterday because I'd left my umbrella and coat in the car and it decided to thunder with torrential rain just as I was about to log off. New term is only 19 days away so I'm gearing up for that and trying to maintain a facsimile of wakefulness to do other stuff during breaks and home time. I think I will be pinning most of my productive hopes* on the weekends at the moment; I'm still trying to get back into the habit of getting up at 5am to get the dogs out before I get ready for work.

What am I up to?

Contraband - paused while I figure (yet again) where I'm going wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm starting it in the wrong place, but I'll be damned if I can figure out the right place at the moment. I really want to write this story (which is possibly part of the problem - I may just be trying too hard to force it where I think it wants to go)

3's Company - due for second edits/revisions in the next couple of weeks

Model of Perfection - paused while I get a short story (6k) off the ground. This is going to be longer than I thought, so I'll be aiming for 40k rather than 20k and see how that goes

Untitled short (6k) - research done, need to get a map to make sure I get place names correct and then I'll be ready to dive in

*And if the 'war' on the WiFi network (don't laugh - that's what the tech on the other end of the phone said "there's a war on your network") doesn't get sorted out at least I won't be able to pizzle the time away on the interwebs.


  1. If you ever want to brainstorm let me know we can IM each other. Are you doing NaNo this year?

  2. That would be great, Amanda!
    I'm sort of doing NaNo this year. I'm actually going to be on holiday the last week of November/first week of December and will be completely without internet, so unless I can get to an internet cafe to upload my total (or, even less realistically, get 50k done before I go on holiday) then I won't be able to do the official version.
    How about you? Have you got anything specific planned to do for it?