Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two steps forward, one step back

I am making progress on the short piece. But. I don't like the way I've started it. The set-up seems a bit forced and willy-nilly so that's something that I'll have to change in the edits. Trying to get three people interacting with something approaching equal time, when they're all supposed to be getting involved with each other, is not as easy as I thought. One character seems to go into 'stasis' when the other two are talking so I'm going to have to be aware of that and work to avoid it. Gaah! Mid February this is due! Although, if I miss that deadline I may be able to tweak it for submission in May. But I'm aiming for February, because if I move one deadline then all of the others go out of phase.

Mood: Tired. Nearly Friday!

Doctor Who: Season 3: Gallifrey

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