Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Round 3

Okay, tertiary line edits are done and three of the lovely ladies at BW Forum are reading through to make sure it scans well (especially important as the end was written first!) I now need to start planning Gloves for Mslexia as that's due on the 14th of September and it has to be posted rather than e-mailed. There are also a couple of shorts/drabbles I want to do for the run up to Christmas (I know, it's only August, but time flies!)

Nearly hometime which is great because I just want a nap - not enough fresh air today. I slept in and have been slightly wrong-footed ever since. Early night tonight, I think. If I'm home in time I'll go and fetch the dogs with the housemate, otherwise it'll have to be a bit of weeding to restore the equilibrium.

Listening to: What Shall We Die For? from PotC3 by Hans Zimmer (not that I like this soundtrack or anything!)

Mood: Tired, but okay

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