Monday, January 15, 2007

Business Plan

I'm unpublished - but even the unpublished should have a business plan which, like a set of goals/new years resolutions, lists what you plan to do in a given year but also (following PBW's guidelines) you break it down into monthly/weekly/daily goals as well as estimating your annual budget. Which does make it appear more manageable as you don't just have - write novel!!! There's an actual (reasonable) plan to guide you through. (It's about time I had a reasonable plan to work from!)

Starting as I mean to go on (even though it is already halfway through January) I wrote mine out today and also managed to (slightly) exceed my daily wordcount. If I can keep that up, then I can meet my goals with about 2 months to spare for editing, query writing etc. (All things being equal - nothing going pear-shaped and all that)

Mood: Quietly confident

Listening to: Sandy Thom's "I wish I was a punk rocker"

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