Thursday, September 14, 2006


Well - I've been having a few problems with one of my main characters in WIP1 (no working title as yet) because her motivation for being where I want her to be seemed a little spongy to say the least. However, on my way home the other night I had a blinding epiphany (aka a stray meme) and realised I'm giving her too much backstory at the start of the book - blah blah blah (reader falls into a boredom induced coma) and that I needed to start it straight in and cut her off from everything. On her own, bit of a lost fish - really needs to find who she is, not who she's dutifully been for the past 15 years.

I actually feel as if forward motion is once again possible (as opposed to hamster on a wheel motion).

So. Progress. New outline but from a better starting point and it's better for her character.

Mood: Excited

Weather: Raining

Music: Necromantic Overtures by Bill Efting

Oh, yeah - I also need to update the books read bit in the sidebar. I think I'll redo it so that the books I read, and the books I re-read are in separate sections. We shall see. I'm away at the weekend, so it'll be next week sometime before I'm likely to get to it.

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