Friday, May 19, 2006

Productivity rising...

Well, I got some of the mythology worked out for my 2YN over at Forward Motion. There are still one or two things I need to tweak, but it's slowly coming together. I'm still a bit behind on the actual assignments & commenting on others' but I'm getting there.

This has been quite a tiring week with lots of early mornings/late nights (at work that is - no partying!) so I'm quite looking forward to the weekend and being able to wake up naturally.

I've had an idea on some characterisation for my YA novel- that's been on hiatus for about 2 months now and I want to get back into that. I'm pretty sure I'll be ditching the first chapter though. Although it's been useful for me re: the direction of the story etc. it takes too long to actually get to an interesting point so I'll discard it and write a tighter, (hopefully more interesting!) version.

Did Katie McAlister's Dragon Sept Quiz earlier - and this is me:

Which Dragon Sept is Right For You?

You are calm, understand the meaning of zen, are a poet, and value the time you spend with other people. You would do well with the Silver Dragon Sept
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